Monthly Archives: September 2004

What is a Flip-Flop?

Someone has to step in and apply some rigor to the definition of the term “flip-flop,” which is being broadly abused. Republicans are applying the term to Kerry when he changes his mind and decides he’ll have some milk in his coffee after all. Democrats, attempting to offset their candidate’s propensity for self-contradiction, claim that […]
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Why I Love the Net (a continuing series)

Online bill payment is no longer anything to get excited about, but I still get a kick out the fact that I can also update my son’s lunch money account. Also: Yesterday I had a question about “Company,” the Sondheim musical. (There’s a line in one of the songs that always struck me as an […]
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Still More Voter Fraud

Democrats think only Republicans are capable of massive voter fraud. Republicans think it’s only the Dems. I think both parties are more than capable of it… Some 46,000 New Yorkers are registered to vote in both the city and Florida, a shocking finding that exposes both states to potential abuses that could alter the outcome […]
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How To Meet Ray Charles

Shortly after Ray Charles died, I wrote this piece, but at the time I didn’t have a blog on which to post it. Now I do.
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Let’s Start The Voter Fraud Nice and Early This Year

This story from Legal Fiction deserves wider play, and so far I’m not seeing any. In sum, an updated list of felons from Florida — who are thus ineligible to vote — included a whole lot of (left-leaning, as a group) black people but practically no (right-leaning, as a group) Hispanics. Deeply suspicious. Legal Fiction […]
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Maybe I’ll Put Off That Trip To Europe…

I have the terrible sensation that this rather remarkable rejection letter comes closer than I might like to the average European’s view of Judaism. I sure would like to be wrong.
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And now it’s time for Weekend Update

As I noted in my (new) first entry, the point of starting up this blog again is primarily so I can chart the progress of my kids — years from now, I’m going to want to know when, say, Lea asked me “Why?” for the first time. (Hasn’t happened yet. Give it a week.) There […]
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All right, that’s better

Hours of futzing later, the sidebar is where the sidebar should be, although it’s the wrong width. And all my fonts are back the way they used to be. I’m sticking with it.
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Hey! Wow! This looks like crap!

My upgrade to Movable Type 3.1 went smoothly enough, except that it looks like hell. Why is the sidebar, with all my links and my blogroll, below my entries? What the hell happened to my fonts? And every step I take towards improving things just makes them worse. All right, we’ll get there eventually.
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Let’s introduce you briefly to the people who will be discussed on this blog: Eric Berlin. Me. Former game designer, former freelance writer, former playwright. Former McDonald’s employee, although that’s going back quite a ways now. Currently I am the assistant publisher for Penny Publications, creators of something like 75 different puzzle magazines. I also […]
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