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The Puzzles of the Year: (Contains spoilers!) I need to be a little better at noting standout puzzles, so I can recap at the end of the year. I’m sure there are dailies in the Times and the Sun, from earlier in the year, that deserve accolades. Right now, the only daily puzzle that leaps […]
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“A Charlie Brown Christmas,” changed just a little. That “Lazy Sunday” video has been getting all the attention, but I thought this was much funnier.
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Tis the season to spread hoaxes, fa la la la la… A few weeks ago, I linked to the story of a French fella who, upon meeting the woman he’d been flirting with online for many months, discovered it was his mother. Turns out this is not remotely true, and I am kicking myself for […]
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Christmas Trivia. Here in the New York metropolitan area, WPIX has a Christmas morning tradition: The Yule Log. If you don’t have your own fireplace, WPIX will happily provide one for you, with three solid hours of a camera aimed at a roaring fire, while Christmas songs play in the background. (They also assume you […]
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Sometimes the headlines just write themselves. What headline would you give to a news story about a group of prisoners who establish an acting troupe that focuses on the works of Shakespeare? The correct answer is here. (Via Doug Petch.)
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Advanced Chess Metaphors. A friend of mine is a newspaper reporter. He just interviewed someone who gave him the following quote: “Withdrawal of the American troops [from Iraq] is the actual stone in the chess game at this time – even among those who are outwardly working with the American administration.” His question: Stone in […]
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Sometimes fate is on your side. And what did the wife find at the Goodwill Store, just half a mile from my front door? A genuine pirate-y treasure chest. Solid wood. Metal bands across the top. Well-worn, but that just adds to the effect. Took two people to get it into the car. Purchase price: […]
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More on Warrantless Searches. In the comments to this post, my friend Drew suggested that the pro-warrantless-searches comments by former Clinton legal eagle Jamie Gorelick were taken out of context. Now Think Progress steps forward to flesh out that argument a little: In the National Review, Byron York has an article called ?Clinton Claimed Authority […]
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Unclear on the concept. One of my company’s products is “The Crosswords Club,” a monthly mailing of six high-quality Sunday-size crossword puzzles. In the January issue, we’ve included a survey, the heart of which seeks the respondent’s opinion about each of the six puzzles. Was it too hard? Too easy? Did you enjoy it? We […]
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Good writeup on the Jose Padilla case over at Kevin Drum’s blog. You know the judge who ruled against the Bush administration has landed a decisive blow, because the National Review’s blog hasn’t mentioned it even once. Update: Jacob Sullum: “It’s the judicial equivalent of a bitch slap.”
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