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Blog recommendations

I’ll probably be revising my blogroll in the near future, weeding out a few blogs and throwing in some new ones. So it seems like a good time to ask: Anybody have any recommendations? What am I looking for? Thoughtful and incisive writing on nearly any subject, but especially books and current events. Technology is […]
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Now that’s a productive writer

Washington Post reporter J.Y. Smith died last January. Despite this little setback, Smith is the co-author of today’s obituary of Gerald Ford. I wonder how often the subject of an obit outlives the guy who wrote it? (Via Hit and Run.)
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I’m feeling a little fuzzy today

Create your own photomosaic! And here’s a close-up detail of mine. Apparently I’m made up of a bunch of little kids. Plus a few stop signs. And flowers. And a lot of other stuff. (Via Wil Wheaton.)
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This man still thinks he can be President

John Kerry visits Iraq.
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Blogging hiatus

I seem to be in one. I’d announce them in advance if I knew when they were going to hit. Happy holidays and a happy new year — there may be a post or two over the next week, but for the most part, I will see you in 2007.
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The Fark headline is too good not to share: “Joseph Barbera dies. Funeral procession to pass same three buildings every two seconds.”
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And the Crystal Ball Award goes to…

Could anybody have predicted this year’s lame-o Time “Person of the Year?” Incredibly, yes.
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It’s not a basketball. It’s an armadillo.

Notes from all over: 1. Sneaking in just in time to be the craziest lawsuit of the year, we have Mr. George Allen Ward, who was (until his lawsuit was dismissed) pursuing Arm & Hammer, makers of quality baking soda and baking soda products. Why? To quote the legal blog Above the Law, “The company […]
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You are Time magazine’s Person of the Year! I’m so proud of you! And with that, Time magazine gently excuses itself from any serious role in the national conversation. It’s been noted here before, but it’s worth pointing out again: Time’s Man of the Year was once given to the person who had most affected […]
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“A book will never let you down.”

Heh. I like these ads.
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