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Bob Dylan does Seuss

Bizarre, but wonderful. (Via Fuse #8.)
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Quite possibly the craziest criminal case in America today

The sad, sad, and totally insane story of Julie Amero. Update: If you want to contribute to the Julie Amero Defense Fund, it’s here.
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“Win a trip for four to, uh… that football game… you know… the one everyone watches on a Sunday in February… Work with me here, people.”

You know how as the Super Bowl (TM) approaches each year, you see all manner of advertisements and contests referring to “The Big Game?” If so, you’ve surely deduced the reason for that: Anyone referring to the Super Bowl (TM) without offering up prime cashola to the National Football League gets a friendly letter from […]
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Many of these made me laugh. (Thanks to Toonhead.)
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What the…? Who turned out the lights?

I’d like to believe this photo was taken just as he raised the binoculars to his eyes, and right before he realized he was blind. Surely, surely, he didn’t stand there for ten or fifteen minutes looking at nothing. Right? The photographer said Peretz gazed through the capped binoculars three times, nodding as Ashkenazi explained […]
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Mystery Hunt note

It probably isn’t a good idea to hide the coin inside an historic cemetery.
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Slow blog day

So let’s see what search terms people are using to arrive here… flatworm jokes chimp with sunglasses sudoku ruined my life how many different brand names for pencils medication restrictions dubai the unsolvable bible puzzle sudoku for piano chewy chewy entendre transparency is something which is invisible to eyes And once again the clue “Argonaut […]
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And while I’m dreaming, I’d also like a pony

Amen to this. Pity it won’t happen in my lifetime: The national disgrace of gerrymandering has created a system in which the vast majority of House seats are safe for one of the two parties. As a result, the real action is in the primaries, which tend to be dominated by activists. As a result, […]
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And don’t do the Chicken Dance either. Just don’t.

The inventor of the Electric Slide is suing people who dare to YouTube themselves performing the dance. Amusingly, he is focused only on the people who dance it badly: [O]n the YouTube page Silver himself posted showing the Electric Slide, he wrote, “Any video that shows my choreography being done incorrectly is being removed. I […]
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Who’s winning, Google or Yahoo?

Let’s compare today’s news stories. The first: Google (GOOG) is getting serious about taking on Microsoft (MSFT). Today, it introduces Google Apps Premium Edition, a software suite for companies that provides e-mail, instant messaging, calendar, word processing and spreadsheets. The cost is $50 per worker per year vs. about $500-$600 for Microsoft Office. “The price […]
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