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A small wrinkle

So it would seem that neither Barnes & Noble nor Borders has found it necessary to stock copies of my book. This includes the Borders where I will be appearing in six days. I have no idea if the corporate buyers flipped through the advance copies and said, “Nah…”, or if it simply takes time […]
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Worldwide media tour begins

There’s an article about Winston and me in today’s Connecticut Post. This concludes my worldwide media tour.
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A disturbing path of logic

This nameless Reuters reporter may now be forced to reach the following conclusion: 1) George Bush is an idiot. 2) I am not capable of understanding a metaphor wielded by George Bush. 3) I am even stupider than George Bush. ——————————– I mean, seriously. You have to truly be blinded by your biases to think […]
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I rather like this idea

On how to deal with Ahmadinejad speaking at Columbia, via Bill Kristol: Let the Iranian president (and the Columbia president) look out on, and speak to, a sea of empty seats on Monday. The rationale for a student boycott is simple: The Iranian government is directly involved in killing and wounding American soldiers in Iraq. […]
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I thought MIT students were supposed to be smart

Boston police are notoriously tetchy regarding fake bombs, and have made fools of themselves a couple of times in the past. But if the early reports about this incident are accurate, we may have to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. BOSTON – An MIT student with what police feared was […]
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Headline of the week

God apparently responds to lawsuit. Update: The newspeople have now decided it might be prudent to add quotes around the word “God.”
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Pants on fire

Lea tried lying again. It went about as well as the first time. Yes, I am assuming these are the only two lies she has ever told. Every five-year-old has a quirk or two, and this is Lea’s: She eats like a perfectly normal little girl, except for the last mouthful of food, which she […]
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Finish line

So, how did we get here? January 26th, 2005: “Holy Crap, I wrote a book. Now what?” January 31st, 2005: Chapter-by-chapter online posting begins. April 5th, 2005: I decide not to bother finding an agent.(“If I don’t have to pay 15% of my earnings to an agent, I’m confused why I should.”) June 8th, 2005: […]
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Perhaps it’s a triangle

I apologize in advance for linking to a snippet of ABC’s daily chronicle of inarticulateness, The View. But it’s not every day that you see a grown person on national television proudly state that she simply doesn’t know whether or not the world is flat. Update: Daniel Radosh has more.
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The George McFly Moment

I was going to use that phrase in my last post, to describe the thrill of opening up a box containing the author copies of one’s first novel. Ultimately I dropped it, but then I got to wondering how many other authors had made the same connection. The answer is: A whole bunch. Chris Clark […]
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