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A temporary victory at best

Sometimes it’s best to quit while you’re ahead, as this bizarre story makes clear. To summarize: 1) Mugger attempts to rob Victim with a sawed-off shotgun. 2) Victim pulls out his own weapon and takes shotgun from Mugger. Victim’s weapon turns out to be fake. 3) Victim, who we’ll keep calling Victim even though he […]
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Trying to prevent a black hole from swallowing the Earth

In court. The good news is, if the Large Hadron Collider does create a black hole that wipes out the planet, it’s not like any of us will know about it. (I assume it would happen sorta quick. No?)
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Tetris Bookshelves!

Gimme! (Thanks to Fuse.)
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Lesson #1: Don’t creep out the people you want to work with

Too many would-be authors just can’t figure this out.
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It’s like looking for a something in a something

Does anybody out there in Puzzle Land still have copies of the Haystack 2006 puzzles?
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Rock ‘n’ roll morning show

It’s downright embarrassing to have Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” start up just as I’m backing my Honda Civic out of my suburban driveway in order to putt-putt the couple of miles to the corporate park where I’ll be staring at Excel spreadsheets all day.
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“Gates orders inventory of US nukes”

On the one hand, good idea! On the other hand, I sorta assumed we inventoried that stuff once a month or so — you know, as a matter of course. You’d think keeping track of nuclear bombs is something you wouldn’t have to be reminded to do.
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My guess is she didn’t like it

Megan McCardle redefines “scathing” as she takes a look at Skinny Bitch: Imagine distilling all the self-righteous moralism of a yuppie eco-tourist who voted for Nader, twice, and only eats hemp. Now add all the hectoring nannyism of the nutritionists who write those “Liver and lima beans: your forgotten friends” pamphlets from the US Department […]
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The Dumb Blonde Continuum

Tuned in to very local public radio yesterday, I found myself listening to a diatribe against pornography by a Women’s Studies professor at some nearby college. It was soon clear that her definition of that word had been extended to include, for instance, Victoria’s Secret commercials. At one point she talked about Jessica Simpson, and […]
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I admit it: Wikipedia has a better Web site than me

This is bewildering.
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