Monthly Archives: April 2008

Look at all the colors!

There are thirteen members of my high school graduating class on Facebook. I remember exactly one of them. One or two others give off a vague whiff of familiarity. But the majority? No idea who they are. Their names do not ring the smallest bell. We can guess that at least some of the women […]
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ThinkPad fires back

…at the Airbook.
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Thirty years ago this week…

The very first spam.
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The Obsession of the Month Club

Alex is a subscriber! We’ve been through the “birdfeeder” phase and the “pumpkin” phase. Now that he’s a little older and more mature, he can handle multiple obsessions simultaneously. He presently has three: 1) Telling time. Man, is he proud of himself that he’s learned this valuable skill. Now we have to figure out how […]
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Some pictures speak for themselves

(Via Neatorama.)
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Tomorrow, the rest of Illinois!

This is spiffy: A school in Maple Park, Illinois, has chosen Winston Breen for its “one book” program. The point is to get as many kids as possible to read the same book over the course of a year. The librarian there says she’s planning “scavenger hunts, monthly puzzle contests, a family game night, and […]
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Time Out

For the man who has everything, except possibly a brain: A $300,000 watch that doesn’t tell time.
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That’s it, I’m moving to Los Angeles

It’s such a crime-free Eden, they have time to prosecute people for selling bacon. Update: Bacon hot dogs: Bad. Grilled-cheese sandwiches: Good.
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Everyone’s a bully

Remember that story in the New York Times a few weeks ago about bullying? It’s starting to look like a few things went unreported.
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You deserve a puzzle today

McDonald’s serves up a neat interactive advertisement.
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