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Vibrating? Mascara?

Ladies, stop the madness! You do not need vibrating mascara!
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Call and response

A resident of Douglas County, Colorado, “challenged” — which is to say, requested removal — a book she found at her library, Uncle Bobby’s Wedding, which is at least partially about gay marriage. The librarian there, Jamie LaRue, has a blog, and has posted his response, and it is truly a model of measured calm and […]
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The original Google storage device

Legos were involved. Really.
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Proofreaders should own calculators

The Rejection Collection, Vol. 2 is a second volume of cartoons that weren’t quite good enough to make it into The New Yorker. The book description over at Amazon begins with this amazing pair of sentences: “Each week The New Yorker receives more than 500 submissions from its regular cartoonists, who are all vying for […]
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Online software

Google has a word processor and a spreadsheet program. I understand PhotoShop now has an online version as well. Is there, somewhere on the intertubes, an online illustration program, more full-featured than Microsoft Paint? I need to do one semi-simple thing, and I’d just as soon not have to buy and install software in order to […]
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Maybe the economy isn’t that bad after all

Newly opened in my mall: A salon devoted exclusively to eyebrows and eyelashes. Isn’t this like a restaurant that serves only side dishes? Are there really women who would go to one salon for their hair, and then go to a different salon for the small patches of hair that grow an inch or so […]
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Life’s the berries

Saturday we went blueberry picking. J had been to the berry farm just a few days earlier, and our fridge and freezer were already stuffed with them, but it’s an inexpensive outing and Lea was excited to go. I had my doubts about Alex, of course, and this time they were justified: He picked three […]
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The National Scrabble Championships are in progress this weekend. (Thanks, Trip, for the heads up — and good luck!) Poking around the annotated games, I came across what I thought was a really tremendous bingo. Just two moves in, Cesar Del Solar is faced with the following board, and holds the tiles EEINNU? (The question […]
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Yesterday’s crossword entry was a nitpick. Today’s is a complaint.

1-Down?! Wow, I didn’t realize we could just make up our own pseudophrases. I make crossword construction much harder than it needs to be, apparently.
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Dig it

A very nice little puzzle game. All you have to do is expose the spaces that contain the treasure chest. Yep, that’s all. It took me a few minutes to catch on to how this works, so let me ‘splain: – Once you pick up a piece, you have to put it back down again. […]
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