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Stop trying to help

You’ve got thousands and thousands of Obama volunteers out there, so it only makes sense that some of them are better than others. And some of them are worse.
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Paperback writer

As you might expect, when the second Winston Breen book comes out in May, the first book will be available in paperback. Here’s the new cover. Just a wee bit different from the hardcover, eh?
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A good story about airport security

On Saturday, I flew out of the White Plains airport, headed for Fort Lauderdale. There was the usual last-minute rushing as we got out the door, and it wasn’t until I was walking through security that I made a terrible realization. “Where are your keys?” said the big man monitoring the machine. “I’m about to […]
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If this isn’t a puzzle, it should be

Check out the credits for Clint Eastwood’s new movie, Gran Torino.
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Read All About It

I seem to find myself using the literary-minded social networking site Goodreads a great deal these days. If you’re a member, feel free to friend me. Here’s my profile.
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Giving credit where it’s due

My brother, a middle-school social studies teacher, thinks it’s crazy that we let kids advance to the next grade whether or not they are prepared for it. But he also is not in favor of holding kids back just because they failed in a single area. For Education Week magazine, he describes a middle ground […]
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You almost have to admire his tenacity

Notice I said “almost.”
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Book two exists!

Amazon now lists it! I don’t think that release date is correct, however. Or if it is, I better get cracking on those galley pages I’ve had for a couple of weeks now. Update: Wow, it is the release date! May 2009, not September! Coolness. But wait! There’s more! An actual cover!
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The hybrid model

I have been reluctant to support overhauling the Electoral College in favor of a straight-out popular vote model. The College is undoubtedly flawed, and my enthusiasm for it (never all that high in the first place) wanes by the day. But readers of this blog know that I am always leery of unintended consequences, and […]
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It’s a best seller!

Well, this is a pleasant surprise, if a somewhat baffling one. Winston Breen is a best-seller… at a particular bookstore in Alabama.
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