Monthly Archives: January 2009

Must see TV

A news blooper for the ages.
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The product is its own warning label!

“Skull-And-Crossbones Necklaces Recalled By Spencer Gifts Due to Risk of Lead Exposure“
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Grow Tower

Hooray! A new Grow game! It’s an easy one, but it’s charming and fun as always.
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Block That Metaphor

Over on Project Runway, Michael Kors is my favorite of the judges, because he is able to sum up any outfit with a needle-sharp metaphor of no more than three or four words: “Southern waitress” or “iguana with chicken pox” or whatever. Kors is almost always dead-on-the-bullseye with his assessment of what we see on […]
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Messiah? No. Super-hero? YES!

These pictures start off silly and then get awesome. Just keep scrolling. (Thanks to Sharyn November.)
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Color Infection

Excellent little puzzle game. I was particularly pleased when I solved Level 10 — I’m sure even better puzzles lie ahead.
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Increasingly rare puzzle alert

It’s been one heck of a while, but I’ve got the second Sunday puzzle in this weekend’s New York Times. (While we’re on the subject of crosswords, congrats to Peter Gordon on his new gig for The Week. It was definitely a pleasant surprise to flip to the last page and see a puzzle awaiting […]
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You are awesome!

And you deserve a wonderful short movie to ring in the weekend!
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Can we just stick to the three Rs, please?

Two months ago, I was watching the news. Our incoming president was on the television screen standing next to another fellow, who I think might have been the vice-president-elect. I said to Lea, “That’s Barack Obama. He’s going to be the President of the United States soon.” There was a little pause, and then Lea […]
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Donald Westlake

Dead of a heart attack at 75. Probably my greatest inspiration as a writer. Damn and double damn. Update: “This is a loss I’ve dreaded and tried not to think about… And now here it is. And it’s as incalculable as I feared.” Sarah Weinman has a long list of the many tributes that are […]
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