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Crossword solvers, unite and give thanks!

Today is the anniversary of the day that the humble pencil eraser received its patent from the United States government. Hail to you, Hymen L. Lipman!
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Get me proofreading! …Hello? Um, anyone?

A lot of newspapers are cutting back on staff these days, but the Los Angeles Times may have let go of a few too many people.
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A few years from now we’ll look back and laugh at ourselves

Twitter is a bewildering enough phenomenon all by itself, but now famous people are hiring ghost twitterers.
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Twist ending

Police in Germany have been tracking a serial killer for two years. They found her DNA at over 39 different crime scenes, but never got anywhere near identifying their culprit. Ultimately, they began offering a 300,000 euro reward for any information that led to her arrest. I’d love to know who finally made the big, […]
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Fact learned in the last twenty-four hours

Apple cider doughnuts are awesome.
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Twilight of the Doofuses

Lee Goldberg is at continual war with the concept of “fan fiction” and those who write it. I personally have no problem with fanfic as long as the author isn’t trying to make a profit off of it, and as long as it’s clearly labeled with something like “If you think this is a piece […]
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My own personal Web 2.0

The new version of the Winston Breen site has launched! Still needs a tweak here and there, but in general I’m pretty happy with how it came out.
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Space cadet

Every Monday, Lea gets a new list of spelling words. Part of her homework on Monday nights is using six of these words in sentences. Last night she used the word “write” in the following sentence: “I love to write.” But, aha. She left a mile-long gap between the second and third words. Why did […]
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The Hunt is on!

Here’s the latest on this year’s Washington Post Hunt. It’ll be on May 17th, starting at noon. I’ll be back at the Red Roof Inn — it’s less than a mile from the Hunt start point. It’s $189 for that Saturday night and $209 for the Sunday night, which is not exactly dirt cheap but […]
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A lotta good stuff in my Google Reader this morning…

Remember “high-definition Tetris?” This is what happens when you simply let it run for two weeks. “Five Ways Common Sense Lies To You.” A dead-on-target article from… E-voting results manipulated in the simplest, stupidest way possible. Points for honesty, I guess.
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