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There must be a lot of pissed-off people in San Diego

…if this is a viable business. Are there really that many folks who want to spend an afternoon breaking stuff? And would pay money for the privilege? I’m particularly fascinated by the “Group Packages,” and the idea that somebody might hold their birthday party here. I’m guessing the big 4-0 gets celebrated a lot. And […]
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Hanging art on the fridge

The next generation.
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Gosh, I sure didn’t see this coming

The follow-up to this post from yesterday: Patterico has been banned from
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Save us from the rules lawyers

Hundreds of students in Oklahoma may have to retake their AP tests because they were sitting at the end of the table instead of the side of the table.
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The Onion skewers Obama

A slight change to “Yes We Can.”
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More Falling Stars

Remember Red Star Fall? It was a nice and easy little puzzle game. Maybe a little too nice. Maybe a little too easy. I think I completed the whole thing in about fifteen, twenty minutes. And now comes Red Star Pro. It’s still nice, but it ain’t easy. I’ve spent fifteen minutes on level 5 […]
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Today’s xkcd

I assume he meant “Comic Sans.”
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Wading into the swamp

I don’t normally talk about extremist media commentators on this site because I genuinely think they should be ignored — just flat-out ignored. Anybody who gets publicly upset over Ann Coulter’s latest controversial comments (I’m assuming she’s made some) is only playing her game. One way of putting out a fire is to deprive it […]
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A Hollywood first?

Coming September 9th: 9. Coming November 25th: Nine. I know you join me in wishing the first movie gigantic success, so that both movies are in theaters at the same time.
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Well, phooey

Why couldn’t Brad Meltzer have run his puzzle/geocaching event, promoting his new book, a couple of weeks ago when I was in Washington, DC?
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