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We are excellent at solving puzzles that do not exist

“A Nine-Mile Walk” is a classic mystery short story by Harry Kemelman, who also wrote all those Rabbi Small novels — Friday the Rabbi Slept Late and etc. In the short story, two men hear a single line of dialogue spoken into a pay phone (“A nine mile walk is no joke, especially in the […]
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That’s just nuts

Puzzle boxes made out of acorns.
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Orange You In For Some Fun

Excellent physics-puzzle game Cover Orange. Place the boxes and wheels and barrels so as to protect your little orange from the evil passing stormcloud. Some of the levels are very cleverly designed. (Oh, and: Happy Thanksgiving!)
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Saturday Wordplay

Burnt-out-light-bulb edition.
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I am not the big news here

Wow! The school district that hired me this week — Hillsborough County Public Schools — just received a $100 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Congrats!
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Present Company

Greetings from Tampa, Florida, where I am midway through a full week of school visits. The kids have been crazily enthusiastic, and it’s been a delight to serve up puzzles to them and watch their little hands shoot to the ceiling whether they know the answer or not. Oftentimes they raise their hands before I […]
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Dear James Lileks

If the agent and agency you discuss here is still doing business, do your fellow writers a favor and tell us who you are talking about. Who on earth are you trying to protect by not naming names?
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Awesome news for crossword lovers

Peter Gordon is getting back in the crossword game with his new Fireball Crosswords.
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Lea had homework the other day where she had to write sentences using various assigned words. For one sentence, she wrote: “I would like to learn about squirrels someday.” Today this homework came back with a single application of red ink from the teacher: She inserted a caret in front of squirrels and wrote, “Adjective […]
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No one knows if the Addams’ Family musical is going to be any good, but by gum, the costume and make-up people have sure done their job.
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