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This is why we can’t ban Fred Phelps

Because the counter protests are so awesome.
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If little else…

…the brain is an educational toy. (Via Jon Delfin. I challenge you to watch the full twenty minutes without gasping.)
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Do you have enough puzzles?

Never! And that’s good, because Shawn Kennedy is reviving his Puzzlement Web site this week. Keep an eye on it.
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Puzzle previews

1) I’ll have a Going Too Far in this Sunday’s New York Times. Update: Hey, look, it’s online! 2) I’ll have the main Sunday crossword a few weeks from now, my first since last April. 3) I have an Idea. One of those blessed, cursed ideas that’s really good and therefore must be dealt with. […]
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A genuine scoop!

I have actual puzzle-related news! You already know that Mike Shenk edits the Wall Street Journal’s excellent weekly crossword. Mike wrote me this evening with the following press release from the Journal. Prepare yourself for an onrush of happiness: On January 16, The Wall Street Journal launches the Saturday Puzzle, the new home for America’s […]
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I think the entire air-travel industry should be a nut-free zone

Oh, wait, they mean to protect people with allergies to nuts. Pecans and cashews and the like. Never mind.
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100 beautiful cupcakes dedicated to various games. How many can you eat name?
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Hello, Dolly

Alma, a wonderful and creepy little animated short. And not from Pixar!
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My new favorite blog: Art Masterpieces, Retitled.
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About six months before I turned forty, I began telling people I had already reached that milestone age. This wasn’t a conscious decision, at least not the first time. I’d been having a small problem at work, a petty argument with a co-worker, and when a third party spoke to me about it, I expressed […]
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