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Trivia question of the day

What is this thing?
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Establishing the ground rules

Journalists, being human beings, are biased. Everybody on earth knows this. But somehow the organizations they work for think journalists should pretend to be utterly balanced — genetically incapable of forming opinions; solid, trustworthy men and women who only report Facts with a capital F. This is why NPR and The Washington Post told its […]
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“Sexy Halloween Costumes That Shouldn’t Exist”

This starts off wrong, and then just gets wronger and wronger. I don’t think the Wrongness Meter has been invented that can measure the degree of wrong these costumes ultimately achieve. These are some bad, bad costumes, is what I am trying to say.
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Plan ahead

If you enjoyed reading about my experience in Otherworld, and think you might want to participate in next year’s run, then listen up: The dates for 2011 have been announced.
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Why don’t I watch football anymore?

Partly because I wanted to reclaim those hours, and partly because I was getting increasingly unsettled by the injuries, both short-term and long-term, that the players were inflicting on each other. I had been planning to write a longer piece about this, but Michael Sokolove beat me to it.
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Homeschool Diary

We finished Terabithia. I made sure to do it on a Saturday afternoon, so it wouldn’t be our final activity before bed. (Goodnight, sweetie! I hope you don’t have any dreams about the grim reaper!) She was shocked at the roundhouse punch the author delivers, but not traumatized or anything. Then we went out and […]
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That other kid

One reason I stopped blogging for so long was because it felt strange writing about my kids — talking about them every day started to feel like a violation of their privacy. Words on the Internet are there forever, and I didn’t want to put my kids in an uncomfortable position years from now when […]
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Homeschool diary

We don’t get to everything here every day, but here’s the current overview… Reading: Finished Frindle. Nobody seemed to like it as much as I did. Maybe I should make her reread it UNTIL she likes it. Okay, no — she is moving on to Because of Winn-Dixie. Still reading Terabithia at night. I glanced […]
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Jesus of Cool

I saw a Phish show at Madison Square Garden in 1994. That was my final concert — going to live shows was never something I had much interest in, and when the kids started coming, even that minor attraction winked out for good. Ah, but then a couple of months ago I saw that Nick […]
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Modern times

The Puzzling World of Winston Breen is now available as an e-book. Took us long enough, didn’t it?
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