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Cooks Source concluded… er, again

If you thought the first apology was a hoot, just wait until you read the second.
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I have stopped pursuing out-of-state school visits, and I am grateful indeed that most of the puzzle events I attend are within driving distance. I am simply not going to fly until the TSA comes to its senses. Even with all the outrage at their new security theater tactics, I don’t expect this to happen […]
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Wow. After reading Matthew Baldwin’s Halloween postmortem, all I’ve got to say is, my neighborhood really needs to step it up a little.
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Cooks Source, concluded

They have a statement on their Web site that might be considered an apology. Kinda, sorta. John Scalzi gives it a D+.
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Connecticut Children’s Book Fair

I’ll be there this weekend! I don’t usually get all gaga about meeting other writers, but I will make an exception for Norton Juster, whose Phantom Tollbooth is one of the most important books of my childhood. Plus fellow NPLer Mike Reiss will be there supporting his new picture book, Just Too Cute. I’ve never […]
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How’s that homey schooly thing working out for ya?

You know what? When your homeschooled student is having a hard time on a particular concept, you are allowed to skip that concept and come back to it later! Just because it’s the next thing in the textbook doesn’t mean it’s the next thing you have to do. This may strike you as glaringly obvious, […]
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Cooking magazine steams readers

“Cooks Source” magazine decided to steal somebody’s essay off a Web site and run it without permission or compensation. When called on this thievery, editor Judith Griggs had the effrontery to… well, really, you’ve got to read it yourself to believe it. Here and then here. Absolutely unbelievable. Guess which cooking magazine this frequent cooking-magazine […]
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