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Wood you like a puzzle?

Here’s puzzle #1 of the suite I did for the Connecticut Science Center. That’s the direct link for you impatient types — here are all the rules and regs. Tomorrow, assuming I am able to get out of my driveway, Lea and I will be getting a sneak peek of the CSC’s new puzzle exhibit, […]
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Puzzles, incoming!

The Connecticut Science Center is launching a new exhibit, the puzzle-intensive Mindbender Mansion. To celebrate, they are running a five-week contest, with a whopper of a grand prize and puzzles created by yours truly. Solve one puzzle a week, and save your answers for the final puzzle appearing in late February, and you might find […]
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So how’s that 250-words-a-day thing going?

Really, really badly. Thank goodness this is only January — I’ll have the whole rest of the year to climb out of this hole I’m digging. The basic problem is: I’ve got a lot of other stuff going on. To wit: – The MIT Mystery Hunt. I’m captain of one of the teams, Palindrome, and […]
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This Magic Moment

The MIT Mystery Hunt is one of the highlights of my year, although sometimes I forget why. Specifically, when it’s 2:00 in the morning, and five of us are looking at a puzzle that would have given Einstein a brain hemorrhage. We’ve been looking at it for hours, hours, and though we have taken pages […]
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Thinking too much about Easy A

(Spoilers.) – Emma Stone is such a wonderful comedian, I would have stayed with this movie even if it was twice as bad. – Seriously, it’s rare for me to experience a movie that I can see is not working, but still find myself absorbed in. The plotting is weak; the premise is unbelievable. Emma […]
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My Book Calculator

With the tentative debut of The 250 Club, I thought I might share an invaluable writing tool, at least for me: Excel. Yes, the spreadsheet application. Last year I created a book calculator, and it has changed my perception of writing, breaking the hard-to-swallow concept of “writing a novel” into far more digestable bite-size tasks. […]
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The 250 Club, continued

So we have a few people interested in this 250-words-a-day support group. I think the way to work this, for now, is to keep it very loose and unstructured. There’s only one key component: At the beginning of each month, I’ll put out the call for updates. You post your average daily word count for […]
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The 250 Club

This is not, repeat NOT, my New Year’s resolution. It just so happens the beginning of the year is a good time to start something like this, that’s all. I think it was Cory Doctorow who pointed out the irresistable math: If you write 250 words a day, you’ll have 91,250 words at the end […]
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My New Year’s Reading List

For the third time in five years, I am on the judging committee of the Cybils awards, an honor bestowed upon the best books of the year by a loose affiliation of kidlit bloggers. (Somehow they keep letting me participate even though this blog has been in low gear for quite a while now.) As […]
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