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The most ridiculous problem I have ever asked you to help me with

The third Winston Breen book does not have a title. Throughout its development, I called it The Grand Piano Puzzles, but my publisher thought that lacked a sense of “kid appeal.” We have batted around a dozen or more other titles, but none of them have stuck. If the book had to go to print […]
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World’s Slowest Puzzle Hunt, concluded

The final Connecticut Science Center puzzle is now up! (Either I lost track of time or they released it early.) All the other puzzles are there, too, if you want to do them all at once. If you win the trip to Belize, please bring me back a souvenir.
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Lanford Wilson

For a while there, I wanted to be a playwright, and Lanford Wilson was a major reason why. I didn’t see the much-heralded production of Burn This with John Malkovich, but I saw other productions, and back in my theater days I probably read that play about a thousand times. Talley’s Folly, too, which I’ve […]
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Long Time Coming

You don’t expect to do a spit take while reading a sober New York Times article about storing nuclear waste, but that is exactly what happened when I reached this part: Beyond the objections of Mr. Reid’s constituents to opening Yucca Mountain, it is not clear that it is a good place to bury nuclear […]
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Yet again, I am thwarted by my teenage belief that I would never need to learn advanced math

Can you name the movie titles that have been turned into these mathematical rebuses? Update: Spoilers are starting to appear in the comments. Obviously.
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I, for one, welcome our… oh, you know the rest

A fascinating aside in Patrick Merrell’s account of this year’s ACPT: Speaking of Matt Ginsberg [the ace programmer who revolutionized how judging at the crossword tournament is conducted -EB], at our Friday night judges’ dinner at Eamonn’s, a nearby Irish pub and restaurant, we got a look at the progress he’s made with his crossword-solving […]
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Pencil me in

There was only one question at this year’s American Crossword Puzzle Tournament: Can he be beat? Individual competitors, myself included, wondered how we would perform, and whether we would improve over last year. We wondered whether the dreaded puzzle 5 would be difficult, very difficult, or are-you-goddamn-kidding-me. We batted around names: Who was due for […]
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World’s Slowest Puzzle Hunt, continued

Now ready for downloading: Puzzle #4 in my series for the Connecticut Science Center!
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Vote Barney Prey!

A while back, Frank Lewis, the longtime cryptic maker for The Nation passed away. The magazine is now searching for its next puzzlemaker, and I have to say they are going about it in the silliest manner possible. Apparently not trusting their own judgment on the matter, they are putting the whole thing up to […]
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Piece out, man

Patrick Berry has put a new, free Some Assembly Required on his Web site. This variety type never ceases to astound me.
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