Straight To The Meta II

Weeks and months before the Hunt began, a few of us came up with “practice metas” for my teammates to solve. This one is mine.

Imagine a puzzle hunt (or perhaps a Mystery Hunt round) called “Show and Tell.” Each puzzle centers around a different object. You’ve solved every puzzle in the round. Now it’s time to tie everything together and come up with the meta-answer.

Puzzle Name Answer
A scientific calculator ONE PERCENT
A Valentine’s Day card HEART RATE
A how-to-dance manual CONGA LINE
A newspaper AGONY COLUMN
A blueprint SIMPLE PLAN
A textbook CLASS ACT
A sewing machine SCRAP MATERIAL

No spoilers in comments for now, please. E-mail me the answer if you like.

Last year’s practice meta is here.

Update: Solved by Scott Weiss, Jeffrey Harris, and Todd McClary.

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  1. Posted January 18, 2012 at 5:44 pm | Permalink

    No spoilers here, just a comment that I’ve been thinking about this off and on all day, and am *totally clueless*. I am not much of a meta master.


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