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Day 4: I am glad it’s still early in the season

Wow, I’m so happy I do these public writeups of my experience in the Learned League, so that when I make an INCREDIBLY STUPID MISTAKE, I get to share it with all of you. For my next trick I shall strip naked and go stand on the town green. My one consolation is that if […]
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Day 3: I am glad it’s still early in the season

My opponent was Joon Pahk, my colleague in the puzzle world and teammate at the MIT Mystery Hunt. He became something of a folk hero in my house during his tremendous run on Jeopardy! My daughter’s admiration is generally reserved for the fairies in Pixie Hollow who collect the most morning dew or whatever. (“She’s […]
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Day 2: Ouch

Answered four questions correctly to my opponent’s three. Lost by two points. I’m glad this doesn’t happen to me terribly often. Looking back, I don’t think you can say I defended myself irrationally against GottschlichA. Sometimes perfectly rational defenses don’t work out. Come along and see if you would have done anything differently. 1. In […]
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Day 1: Halfway decent start

On the first day of competition, neither my opponent, HutchinsAB, nor I could get a firm grip on defense: He misassigned his zero (to the science question! Someone didn’t look at my stats!), while I handed him three whole points for celebrity identification. The result, a tie, may not be the best possible way to […]
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Learned League is back!

Yes, it’s been almost eight whole weeks without the sight of me blathering away about the things I know and, far more often, do not know. But now Learned League is back for its 52nd season, and for some quixotic reason, I’ll be right here with commentary on every single trivia question. Last time around, […]
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In which an artist creates a puzzle without knowing it

Artist Graham Smith took a bunch of company names, and rendered each name in the style of a competitor’s logo. For some crazy reason, he did not then present this as a puzzle to be solved. I fixed that for him over on Pinterest.
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I promised you a puzzle via Pinterest, did I not?

Well, here it is! No spoilers in comments, please.
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Revolution, continued

Apparently MIT has started offering certificates of completion for some of its online coursework. (So far, just one class.) Is this the beginning of a sea change in the world of college education? Megan McArdle has some interesting thoughts about where this might all be going. (I’m still very much enjoying Yale’s course on the […]
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Winston Breen tried and failed to maintain a Twitter account. It turns out he’s more of a visual person, and thus better suited to Pinterest. Come follow along! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some original puzzles were posted there before too long.
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All set on snack food

Got a big ol’ box in the mail this morning and inside I found… potato chips! Thanks to the Mrs. Tuomi and her kids from Quarton Elementary School!
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