Metapuzzles Galore!

These past few years, I have made one or two practice metapuzzles for my Mystery Hunt team to solve. This year I went a little nuts, creating eight metapuzzles themed to the works of Mr. William Shakespeare. You can access the set of puzzles here.

Because the best part of solving metapuzzles is cracking them without all of the necessary answers, I have set this up so that you can reveal as few or as many words in each puzzle as you please. You won’t be able to edit this file, but you can copy each puzzle into an Excel spreadsheet or a Google Doc, and then change the text color of some number of words from white to black. If you’re a metapuzzle expert, you might start with half the answers, or less. If you’re new to all this, feel free to start with all the answers at once. It’s entirely up to you.

There are seven puzzles to start, and then those seven answers feed into the eighth puzzle, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Please do spread the word to other Mystery Hunters and puzzle nuts who might enjoy this. And if you’d like to verify an answer, please e-mail me:

Update: If you got stuck along the way or are simply curious, go take another look: I’ve added a new worksheet with all the answers.

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