Aug 272008

This is priceless:

A councillor is threatening to block Big-Brother-style CCTV cameras from spying on his house – by letting his trees grow.
Coun Albert Richardson claims the surveillance cameras near his home on Ribbleton Avenue can monitor visitors to his house and are invading neighbours’ privacy.

Coun Richardson backed the cameras when they were set up almost 18 months ago – but is now fuming as one has been erected close to his front door.

He said: “I didn’t expect one to go up where it has gone up. There are people watching me coming and going outside my house.

“I am not too pleased about it at all so I’m letting my trees grow.”

But in April 2007 when the new cameras were announced, Coun Richardson told The Evening Post: “I live right in the middle of St Matthew’s ward so I welcome this.

“It is sad to say it because no-one likes being spied on by these cameras, but when I think of the vulnerable people who live in St Matthew’s ward, I do think this is needed.”

Spying on other people 24/7 = GOOD. Spying on me = BAD. I wonder if he still supports the cameras in general, as long none of them are aimed at him. I’ll bet you the answer is yes.

(Thanks to Nobody’s Business.)

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