Feb 022009

Michael Phelps was caught at a party smoking pot, and apologized for it. Radley Balko has a better idea.

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  1. I agree that canibis ought to be legal (or at least that tobacco ought to be illegal). And I’m a former competitive swimmer, and a huge fan of Michael Phelps. But damn if he isn’t a enormous idiot. A swimmer of his caliber earns a living off endorsements, not prize money (like golfers) or salaries (like Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey players). His window of appeal to the public is limited at best. He’ll compete in the London Olympics, on a reduced schedule (probably the 100 and 200 fly, maybe the 200 IM and 1 or 2 of the relays), possibly a couple of world championships after than and then we’ll never see him swim again. He’ll never be in the public eye for competing again. If he’s lucky, he’ll find an enduring role as the next Mary Lou Retton (working tirelessly the special olympics) or Lance Armstrong (campaigning for a cure). But he’s already been arrested for DUI (and before he reached the legal drinking age). Agree with the laws or not, he has a habit of flaunting them and expecting his celebrity and talent to carry him through. I hope for his sake that he’s right, but it would serve him right if he wasn’t.


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