Mar 262009

Lee Goldberg is at continual war with the concept of “fan fiction” and those who write it. I personally have no problem with fanfic as long as the author isn’t trying to make a profit off of it, and as long as it’s clearly labeled with something like “If you think this is a piece of crap, don’t blame J.K. Rowling, she had nothing to do with it.”

But Goldberg occasionally comes across someone who does intend to make some moolah off somebody else’s work. Today he gives us a beaut: A fanfic author who is actually putting out press releases announcing that her new “tribute sequel” to Twilight is for sale. The priceless part is her rationale of why Stephanie Meyer’s copyright is invalid and she can do whatever she wants — something about “legal boundaries becoming blurred” when fictional characters become “part of the popular psyche.” It’s really very imaginative. She should write fiction.

Update: Here’s her latest overblown press release. It looks like they’ve changed their mind about selling it.

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