Jan 242013

Here’s another of the practice metas I presented to my MIT Hunt team in the weeks leading up to the hunt. As before, please do not reveal the answer in the comments — you can e-mail me (ericberlin@gmail.com) and I’ll post the names of the people who get it right.


You and your team are rushing to cure a virus that is sweeping the world. And now a new disaster has struck: The data from your two control groups has gotten all mixed up! One group was given a miracle drug, the other a placebo. Can you figure out who belongs to each group, and then determine the cure for this terrible virus?

Subject 1: ATTEMPTS
Subject 2: BARBECUE
Subject 3: CONFRONT
Subject 4: FAVORING
Subject 5: FIANCE
Subject 6: GORILLA
Subject 7: LUNA
Subject 8: MOTOWN
Subject 9: PRIOR
Subject 10: STRIPES

Solved by: Jeffrey Harris, Todd McClary, Robert Hutchinson, Guy Jacobson, Todd Etter, Dan Katz, Trip Payne, Mark Halpin, Mike Sylvia.

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