An assortment of puzzles I’ve created over the years:


I had a brief gig as the crossword guy for a Long Island magazine. I thought I did more than three crosswords for them, but three was all I could find:

    The Long Island Experience (puz / pdf)
    Cheese, Please (puz / pdf)
    Presents for Everybody! (puz / pdf)

A few miscellaneous crosswords:

    All in a Row (puz / pdf)
    Hit It! (puz / pdf)
    04/01/04 (with Craig Kasper) (pdf only)
    Going Too Far (pdf only)
    Double or Nothing (with Patrick Berry) (pdf)

Puzzle Hunts

    A Crossword Lover’s Salute to Mad Magazine (pdf)
    A Crossword Tournament Grows in Brooklyn (created for the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, 2008) (pdf)
    Game Show Hell (pdf)
    Game Night Crosswords (my Kickstarter crossword project, 2009) (pdf)
    Winston Breen’s Puzzle Party (Seven puzzles: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7)
    Connecticut Science Center Puzzle Contest (Five puzzles; pdf)
    Intercoastal Altercations 5 (with Foggy Brume, Mark Halpin, and Nathan Fung) (website)
    - My puzzles in IA5: Safe!, A Word From Our Sponsors, Adjustments to the Lineup, Hardball, Tools of the Trade, …And The Pitch)
    PuzzleNation Hunt (with Jeffrey Harris; created for the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, 2012) (pdf)
    Spaceportland (with Rick Rubenstein and Francis Heaney; created for the National Puzzlers’ League convention, 2012) (zip file)
    - My puzzles in Spaceportland: ALF, Audrey II, Predator, Superman (with Francis Heaney), Worf, Yoda (with Francis Heaney)
    BAPHL 6: BAPHL of the Bands (with Dan Katz, Jackie Anderson, Scott Purdy, and Jeff Roberts) (website)
    - My puzzles in BAPHL 6: Fun Size, Calendar Guy, Close Enough For Jazz

  7 Responses to “Puzzles!”

  1. Was BAPHL so scarring you’re pretending it didnt exist? :-/


  2. Oh! Right! BAPHL! Coming right up…


  3. The link for Game Night Crosswords is broken — looks like a broken HTML tag that makes it link to “http://ericberlin.com/www.ericberlin.com/Game%20Night%20Crosswords.pdf”

    Is the extra blank page at the end of Game Night Crosswords an extra meta? ;)


  4. Yes. The answer is, “Eric Berlin does not know how to use a .pdf converter.”


  5. could u please tell me how to get to GAMES NIGHT CROSSWORDS that has a bad link?

    thanks, & thanx also 4 all the puzzles!

    barb cothran


  6. The link is fixed now.


  7. hi. You were at our school


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