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I am changing hosts over the next day or two, so don’t be surprised if this site ceases to exist for a little while. I’ll be back. Probably. Update: Well, that’s a start. All the content is uploaded, but as you can see, I screwed up my blog’s template. I’ll tilt at that particular windmill […]
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Puzzle event incoming!

Google and Virgin Airways present Day In The Cloud. Coming June 24th. (At least, I think it’s puzzle-related. The front page says “scavenger hunt,” which is one of those phrases that makes me hiss like a vampire faced with a cross, but the site also promises “brain-busting questions.” We are also informed that “puzzle people […]
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Braid Your Brain

The puzzle game Braid has finally been released for platforms other than the Xbox, and at just $15 it is nothing short of a steal. All I’d heard is that it was groundbreaking and magnificent, so I didn’t read anything more about it, and that was the right way to go, because that allowed me […]
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The potato chip: I know it when I see it

Procter & Gamble just tried talking the British courts into the idea that Pringles are not potato chips. They lost, and have to pay $160 million in back taxes as a result.
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You can fight City Hall!

Just be prepared to have your houseboat towed away in revenge.
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Two neat billboards

– I’m actually not sure if this is a billboard or a simply a picture of a billboard, used as an advertisement in a magazine. Because, if it’s an honest-to-goodness billboard somewhere… well, the sky is not always that precise color of blue, is it? But anyway, I like the basic idea. – I think […]
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There must be a lot of pissed-off people in San Diego

…if this is a viable business. Are there really that many folks who want to spend an afternoon breaking stuff? And would pay money for the privilege? I’m particularly fascinated by the “Group Packages,” and the idea that somebody might hold their birthday party here. I’m guessing the big 4-0 gets celebrated a lot. And […]
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Hanging art on the fridge

The next generation.
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Gosh, I sure didn’t see this coming

The follow-up to this post from yesterday: Patterico has been banned from
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Save us from the rules lawyers

Hundreds of students in Oklahoma may have to retake their AP tests because they were sitting at the end of the table instead of the side of the table.
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