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Project Alex: Hurry Up and Wait

My wife and I do not necessarily want to rely on the federal and state governments for Alex’s future housing and other major needs. Ideally, we’d love to get together with other parents of disabled children and work together to set up a place where all of our kids can live, pooling our resources so […]
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Project Alex: Things I Do Not Understand

Part 1 of what will surely be an infinite series. When Alex turns eighteen, he will be eligible for Medicaid and also for SSI Benefits. SSI stands for “Supplemental Security Income,” and according to the Web site, it is intended for “disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources.” We estimate that […]
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Project Alex: Trust Fund Kid

When we first heard about Special Needs Trusts, we thought: There it is. The very thing we need. How good of the government to create this financial instrument for us! We can put money into this trust fund, and after we die it can be administered by either Alex’s sister or a non-profit organization, and […]
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Project Alex: The Brass Ring

So here’s a good place to start: What would we want for Alex if we could have anything at all? Well, first of all, we’d get him to a higher degree of functionality and independence than we see right now. Presently he can prepare a few foods in the kitchen — hot dogs, mac and […]
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Project Alex: A New Chapter

Over the years, this blog has discussed politics, and writing, and puzzles. There were times where I would regularly jot down every random thought that entered my head, and there were far more frequent times when the blog wasn’t updated at all. Not that long ago, I exhaustively discussed my participation in a weeks-long trivia […]
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