An assortment of puzzles I’ve created over the years:


I had a brief gig as the crossword guy for a Long Island magazine. I thought I did more than three crosswords for them, but three was all I could find:

    • The Long Island Experience (puz / pdf)
    • Cheese, Please (puz / pdf)
    • Presents for Everybody! (puz / pdf)

A few miscellaneous crosswords:

    • All in a Row (puz / pdf)
    • Hit It! (puz / pdf)
    • 04/01/04 (with Craig Kasper) (pdf only)
    • Going Too Far (pdf only)
    • Double or Nothing (with Patrick Berry) (pdf)

Puzzle Hunts

    • A Crossword Lover’s Salute to Mad Magazine (pdf)
    • A Crossword Tournament Grows in Brooklyn (created for the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, 2008) (pdf)
    • Game Show Hell (pdf)
    • Game Night Crosswords (my Kickstarter crossword project, 2009) (pdf)
    • Winston Breen’s Puzzle Party (Seven puzzles: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7)
    • Connecticut Science Center Puzzle Contest (Five puzzles; pdf)
    • Intercoastal Altercations 5 (with Foggy Brume, Mark Halpin, and Nathan Fung) (website)
    – My puzzles in IA5: Safe!, A Word From Our Sponsors, Adjustments to the Lineup, Hardball, Tools of the Trade, …And The Pitch)
    • PuzzleNation Hunt (with Jeffrey Harris; created for the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, 2012) (pdf)
    • Spaceportland (with Rick Rubenstein and Francis Heaney; created for the National Puzzlers’ League convention, 2012) (zip file)
    – My puzzles in Spaceportland: ALF, Audrey II, Predator, Superman (with Francis Heaney), Worf, Yoda (with Francis Heaney)
    • BAPHL 6: BAPHL of the Bands (with Dan Katz, Jackie Anderson, Scott Purdy, and Jeff Roberts) (website)
    – My puzzles in BAPHL 6: Fun Size, Calendar Guy, Close Enough For Jazz

Practice Metas

I eagerly participate in the MIT Mystery Hunt, and for the past few years I’ve made “practice metapuzzles” for my team.

    Magic 8-Ball
    Show and Tell
    The Haunted Carnival
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